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We’re celebrating the fruit of the açaí Palm, the luscious açaí berry! This small, round, purple fruit, known as a drupe is packed with an amazing variety of nutrients and fascinating compounds that have been shown to have some extraordinary health benefits. We’ll work hard to bring you the latest information about the Acai Fruit as new research continues to pile up

In a study of three traditional Caboclo populations in the Brazilian Amazon, açaí palm was described as the most important plant species because the fruit makes up a major component of their diet, up to 42% of the total food intake by weight.

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Drinks made with Acai berry contain retain most of the health benefits of the berries and fruits. The Acai berry is harvested from deep within the Amazon Rainforest. Monavie, one such beverage that not only tastes great, but one where people can feel a noticeable difference with in a matter of days, not weeks or months. The juice market is expanding rapidly and more than likely, you’re more likely to see these products in stores like Whole Foods. Imagine a juice product that combines a variety of the most powerful fruits from around the world coupled with additional compounds that aid in the fight against inflammation! Keep an eye out for these beverages.

You’ll want to look for 100% all natural Acai, preferably certified organic beverages or drinks. More people all over the world are discovering the joys of a healthy, active lifestyle and anti-oxidant rich foods. We all know how important it is to get the proper amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets to maintain optimal health and energy levels. Unfortunately with today’s hectic lifestyles it is nearly impossible to get what you need on a daily basis. Imagine a health drink that would provide all of the essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed for optimal health… It’s a much better alternative to capsules and pills.

– Antioxidants, (anti aging, free radical killer) – Phytonutrients – Essential fatty acids (omega 3’s) – Amino acids – Vitamins and minerals – Dietary fiber – Trace minerals – Complex carbohydrates

The Acai berry is the leader of the pack when compared to other well known antioxidant fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, grapes and pomegranate. The Acai fruit has over 10 times the antioxidant power of cranberries. A freeze dried powder of the acai berry boasts an ORAC score of 1,027 which is the highest score of any fruit or vegetable tested to date (on a gram to gram basis). ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorption capacity and is the way that antioxidant capacity of food is measured. Foods that contain high ORAC levels are very desirable for their ability to inhibit free radical activity and provide protection on the cellular level.

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